Collier Classic

Renovation Heaven

The Client

Newly empty nesters ready for some changes within their existing home structure.

Her Desire

A new white kitchen with new appliances, fresh finishes, and an expanded view of her beloved garden.

His Desire

Separate the family room from the kitchen and provide a small storage space in the kitchen for easy access to his phone, keys, and the like.

Our Solution

This interior started as a typical 90's "spec" home, with more than adequate but poorly laid out space, making it ideal for a renovation with no need for foundation changes or roofing additions.

We kept the kitchen in the same location but created a new layout with new appliances, new cabinetry, minor wall adjustments, and casement windows to expand the view of the garden.

To give the living room distinction from the kitchen, we replaced the cabinets with new bookshelves, and added horizontal boards to emulate shiplap siding, which provided useful book storage, layered texture, and character.

To create distinction between the kitchen and TV room, we reduced the width and height of the opening between the TV room and the kitchen. This eliminated a rather unusable pull up peninsula bar.